Chempac Distribution is a team who all believe customers are their number one priority. They are willing to do what needs to be done to ensure happiness in each client.

Sister team, Leanne and Jolene have had the privilege of establishing Chempac Distribution over the last few years. Team Chempac has been built with family members chipping in and then becoming employed staff, labourers who have started just by packing the vehicles to now being Operational Managers, Stock Controllers and being able to drive. As a family they believe in motivating and growing themselves and the valued team that surrounds them.


team picture

Chempac is owner managed. We have strong relationships with our customers and we continuously strive to deliver the best quality service and product - always giving our 100%.

Our extensive lists of products are continuously growing, as we source new products for our clients ensuring all their eco packaging and chemical supply needs are met. Our guaranteed 24 hour free delivery service to all our Durban clients, makes us stand out from our competitors and ensures our client’s needs are always taken care of!

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