Mater-Bi Straws – 1000


  • Novamont is a key partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, promoting the vision to eliminate plastic.
  • Mater-Bi is certified by the certification bodies, in accordance with the main European & International Standards.
  • Mater-Bi is 100% compostable according to the European standard UNI EN 13432.
  • Mater-Bi is certified compostable by TUV Austria, under certificate number TA8011903613. (TUV Austria is the world’s leading certifier of bioplastics and composability).
  • This certification confirms that Mater-Bi conforms to the EU harmonized standard for compostable packaging EN 13432.
  • The European standard EN 13432 “Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting” requires at least 90% disintegration after 12 weeks, and 90% biodegradation (CO2 evolvement) in 6 months. This includes tests on ecotoxicity and heavy metal content.
  • Scientific Research Confirms The Marine Biodegradability Of Mater-Bi.
  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene are non-biodegradable traditional polymers and are not used  to produce Mater-Bi.


The registered name of the straws is Mater-Bi and is predominantly comprised of starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combination. Specifically formulated to guarantee full biodegradation and composting conditions.

8mm straws individually wrapped in a box which contain 1000 units.

Mater- Bi straws are smooth in texture and will not soften or degrade when placed in liquids.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 30 cm