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Chempac were inspired to distribute environmentally friendly packaging when the “no Straw campaigns” became popular within the restaurant industries. It is an opportunity for us as a business to educate our current clients on the alternatives available as well as encourage more hotels, restaurants and other businesses to try make a difference to benefit our environment. Over the last year our range of packaging increases every month due to the demand of our clients and the variety of their requests.

The main source of our products is made from the following:

is a biodegradable polymer made from renewable plant products like corn, wheat corn and other rich starch products. It is clear in colour, 100% food safe, odourless and does not affect the taste of the food at all. This product is not intended to be used in hot temperatures. This product degrades within 90 days in a commercial composting facility.

is a waste product of sugarcane. It is great for take away meals. These containers are strong, maintain their shape and present well. Bagasse is microwave and freezer safe. This product can be sent to a landfill or a commercial composting facility and it will degrade in 60 – 120 days.

is made from certified natural Kraft paper. This product is strong and leak proof, it has a natural coating allows for oil resistance.

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